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Mobile Marketing

We are innovators of Mobile Marketing.

Mobile Marketing


NovaStratta provides the short codes, SMS gateway, and elegant campaign management tools that marketers and organizational leaders need to attract, identify, and engage mobile audiences.


For marketers, no other channel (radio, TV, print, internet) can compete with the cost-effectiveness of text message marketing. With Nova, customer loyalty and rewards initiatives can be planned and launched in minutes. Campaigns can send text messages that contain basic product announcements and mobile coupons, or can engage audiences with interactive voting polls, contests, and links to mobile web sites.


Not just for marketers. For organizational leaders, no other channel offers the immediate or ubiquitous reach of a text message alert. Our powerful keyword and group management controls streamline communications and keep dispersed groups organized, connected, and informed.


The Pareto Principle, also known as the Law of the Vital Few, suggests that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers. This principal was the foundation for the gaming industrys most successful marketing strategy ever, the Players Club. While similar customer identification strategies have since been adopted by most other business sectors, until now, email and direct mail were the only channels capable of leveraging these rich databases for targeted communications. With email read rates for marketers down to 5%, and the high costs and long lead times associated with direct mail, marketers need a more efficient and effective channel to attract and reward their most valued customers.

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