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Lead Generation

Generating online leads that turn into profits.

Lead Generation


Nova Stratta, Inc. specializes in reaching high-level decisions-makers, qualifying their needs, motivating them to take action, and generating qualified leads and appointments with your sales team. Whether you need us to qualify leads that you have already created, or need us to generate brand new leads, we can help.


Nova will increase sales and revenues, reduce costs per sale, eliminate a challenging management process, produce results in the timely fashion you need them, finish and exit quickly, and always be ready to take on your next project... 


Our clients utilize our services because they prefer to leverage the time of their sales team and do not want to take on the difficult task to attract, hire, house, equip, manage, and motivate a lead generation or lead qualification team. 


Lead generation, as well as lead qualification, requires unique skills.  The talents needed to consistently find and/or qualify prospects are very different from those needed to close sales.  The key reason our clients seek our help is that their sales representatives and sales management are trained and compensated to focus on closing business.  As important as it is to the sales process, most reps do not, and usually will not, consistently make the effort to develop new prospects and sales opportunities effectively.  We help our clients spend more time meeting with qualified prospects rather than looking for them, or having to qualify them.


Our team can deliver sales leads for you and do it less expensively than you can do it yourself.  Consider the benefits of an outsourced lead generation or lead qualification solution:


·          Increased sales and profits.

·          Reduced costs per lead. 

·          Lead Generation—new, high-quality appointments with qualified decision-makers.    

·          Lead Qualification—qualify and develop trade show leads.

·          Franchisor Lead Qualification - Expand ability to respond to franchise inquiry leads.

·          Leverage the time of your sales team.

·          Scalability to expand or retract the size of your lead generation or lead qualification team.

·          Seamless representation of your company, products, and services.

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