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Custom online websites that are fast and affordable, consultation, graphic design, logo branding,
Nova Stratta, Inc. deploye Mobile Marketing campaigns to capture the targeted demographic where they work, live, and play
Our professional staff will turn your wildest dreams into real working models that produce.
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NovaStratta is the pioneer of the SES Search Engine Suppression industry responsible for minimizing the harmful effects of slandar campaign.
  • Building customed desiged website for 15 years including ecommerce applications
  • Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Suppression to help rank while beat out smear campaigns
  • Solutions for business and software development, databases,logo branding, full service.
  • Print Collarateral work, branding, graphic design, logos, flyers, business cards, posters, ads
  • Logo braning for any business, core concepts, color schemes, print work, high resolution, professional
  • Marketing, promotions, mobile marketing, guerilla marketing, online viral marketing, event produts
  • Professional graphics designers, print work, websites, banners, gifs, all files, illistrator, photoshop, flyers, posters, billboards
  • programmering services for software, databases, coding, php, asp, ecommerce, applications, widgits, VIOP systems, Custom website site, custom mobile marketing applications

Strategic web development made easy

Our business strategy is to deliver award-winning solutions that exceed your expecations. Our industry proven project cycle delivers professional results on time, every time. Members of our team will be available throughout each step of the development process to make sure all your questions are answered.

We offer custom website design with ecommerce, graphic/print design services, search engine optimization, search engine suppression, database application development, mobile marketing applications and lead generation solutions to meet all your business needs.

Considered by many top industry professionals as the pioneer of Search Engine Optimization tactics.

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Search engine optimization that works

NovaStratta, Inc. provides search engine optimization and suppression services to companies seeking a larger web presence.

  • Search Engine Suppression
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Web 2.0 Design Strategy
  • Pay Per Click Management

Business solutions for any application

We don’t tell you problems, we give you solutions. We’ll carry the burden, whether website design, online marketing, software development or launching a viral mobile marketing campaign, have confidence our team of highly trained professionals are here to solve all your problems.

Not sure what you need, but know you must do something? Not to worry, Nova Stratta employs a number of specialized business consultants including online marketing, business operations, business development, lead generation, and even fully automated turn-key applications to get you up and going in days.

We provide seamless solutions to help your company run smoother and increase profits. We are here to help you make money! Investing in our knowledge and technology is an investment in your future with a guaranteed ROI.

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Designing print-work that wins awards

When we design work to be printed you can bet it is going to be nominated for some award. At Nova Stratta, we aim to impress by consistently seeking new, cutting edge printing styles and materials to increase the shock-factor.

Whether we are designing from full concept or just helping fulfill the printing process, we’ll exceed your expectations and deliver on time. We have an in-house printing facility in our operations headquarters in New York and Florida, able to turnaround jobs within hours. For larger jobs we use existing strategic partnerships to fulfill gang-run, top quality printing.

Print materials are only limited to ones imagination. 100# stock, UV coated, high gloss, matte finish, perforated edges, punched, embossed, metallic finished and even stamped using a die press. Nova Stratta has the right solution for all your printing needs.

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Creating logos of ICONIC proportions

Not everyone can be as lucky to brand their logo as the fortunate Nike swoosh or the iconic Mercedes emblem fitted to every hood that's driven off the showroom floor. These are the lucky few that were able to turn a simple logo into an ICON. This marketing-mojo-majic is exactly what we do for our clients.

Nova’s creative team will work with your current logo or create a new vision for your brand, one that speaks volumes without saying a word, much like the simple one color swoosh does for Nike, Reebock, Mercedes, Harley Davidson, Apple, and Microsoft.

Perception is everything. Do you have annual sales in the $50,000 range? We'll rebrand your business, product or service so you look like a major player grossing 10 times your current sales volume. It all starts with the branding of the logo, and Nova Stratta, Inc. is the best in the business.

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Progressive marketing that moves people

Nova Stratta, Inc. pioneered the term, Guerilla Marketing. In 2000 Nova Stratta, Inc successfully created one of the largest Guerilla Marketing street teams on 288 college campuses around the country targeting the elusive college student. With clients including Coca Cola, AT&T and Pizza Hut, Novas’ successful tactics were quickly acknowledged by top industry professionals.

In 2001, Forbes® Magazine honored our street teams marketing model with the Guerilla Marketers of the Year Award. After that point and with new technology, the sky was the limit for us.

Guerilla Marketing campaigns can be launched online, in stores, on street corners, clubs, restaurants and bars. After you’ve successfully implemented a Viral Marketing campaign the only thing left to do is sit back, take your shoes off, and wait for the rewards to pour in.

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Graphic design that make things go POP!

We have a number of graphic designers on staff, specializing in different styles, genres and mediums. This will enable us to provide you with a focused design or variations outside your current realm that you might have not looked at before.

Our design process is headache-free and moves at a relatively quick pace. Initially you will fill out a Creative Brief so our team can better understand your needs. After the specs are noted, we will provide you with 10 design samples for your critique. This process generally gets fine-tuned after the third revision.

Whether design services in need are for a website, print material, pamphlets, business cards, magazine ads, posters, flyers, etc… you can rest assured all files will be in high resolution and prepared for whichever medium you intend to use. You will retain all rights to the work we perform for you.

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Software development done the right way

Nova Stratta, Inc. employs the top programmers in the country as well as on foreign soil. We do this to make sure you get the best rates and appropriate time schedules. When you need an urgent rush-job completed over Christmas weekend, we simply let our remote staff complete it in India. While everyone in the States is vacationing, you’re work is getting completed.

No matter what you need programming help with, Nova Stratta has a member on staff who specialized in it. Software, databases, java, flash, custom scripts, auto-generating source code, we do it all as Nova Stratta, Inc. is a full-service solution provider.

Once the job is complete you will own your development project. Nova Stratta will not retain any rights for work completed on your behalf. We require all new prospects to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. This is to protect both parties involved.

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